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How to travel by bus from Curicó to Santiago?

The city of Curicó has three interurban transport terminals, the Pullman del Sur Terminal, the Turbus Terminal and the Interprovincial Terminal of Curicó. There are several bus lines that go to Santiago, among them are Andimar, Turbus, Buses Diaz Industrial, Buses García, Buses Diaz and Pullman del Sur.

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About Curicó

Curicó is located in the Maule Region, it stands out for its hot summers and humid winters.

In Curicó the artisanal products are broadly sold, especially jams, cakes, sauces and wines. During the summer, the people of this town celebrates the Harvest Festival, a cultural tradition of many years, where the main protagonist is the wine production, including tours through its vineyards.

One of the main tourist attractions is the Plaza de Armas, surrounded by palm trees that make the the place a typical area of the city of Curicó

About Santiago

Santiago, capital of Chile, it is located in the central region of the country and is one of the six provinces that made up the Metropolitan Region.

This city is located in a wide valley, surrounded by hills and hills, which is also crossed by the Maipo River, the main source of drinking water in the region.

It is the main center for the development of economic activities in the country, standing out in the areas of financial and commercial services. It is a city with a pleasant and temperate climate, with a large number of parks and green areas that provide its inhabitants with a respite from the hectic city life.


Buses from Curicó to Santiago

Bus ticket prices according to type of seat
seat Cheaper Semi cama
CLP$ 5.000
seat Cheaper Salon cama
CLP$ 7.000
seat Cheaper
CLP$ 0
Average ticket price (CLP): $ 5.733
General Information
bus No Empresas: 5
bus Precio Maximo (CLP): $ 8.000
bus Primera Salidas al dia: 04:30 hrs
bus Distancia: 197 Kms
bus No Servicios: 94
bus Precio Minimo (CLP): $ 0
bus Ultima Salida del dia: 20:30 hrs
bus Duration: 2 HRS
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