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Curacautín is a commune that belongs to the Malleco Province, in the Araucanía Region. The name Curacautín comes from the Mapudungún kura kawin and means “meeting stone”. It is located 673 km away from Santiago and less than 1 hour away from the cities of Lautaro and Victoria, with Route 181 being its main access road.

Its history dates back to 1882 and in its beginnings it was used as a fort whose function was to prevent the passage of indigenous people who wanted to recover their border territories, however, it was in 1903 when the commune of Curacautín was officially constituted, giving rise to the economic and social peak of this city.

Curacautín is characterized by having a warm temperate climate, which stands out for its constant rainfall throughout the year, with an average of 54 mm during the driest month and up to 340 mm in the month of June. Due to the rains, Curacautín has a fairly cool climate throughout the year, the average temperature in summer is about 16 ° C reaching a maximum of 25 ° C, while during winter the average is 6 ° C, with a minimum temperature of 2 ° C, turning it into a snowy place during the winter season.

Surrounded by the imposing Tolhuaca Volcano and Lonquimay Volcano, as well as protected wild areas of the Conguillío National Park, the Nalcas National Reserve, the Tolhuaca National Park and the Malleco Natural Reserve; Curacautín is a magical destination, where you will be in total connection with nature.

Despite not being a recurring tourist destination, over time the inhabitants of Curacautín have dedicated themselves to offering new alternatives for their visitors and making this city an unforgettable destination, always emphasizing sustainable tourism and transmitting the cultural values ​​of the region. Companies such as Eco Tour Terra, Husky Point, Epu Pewen and Vortice Eco Lodge are in charge of offering unforgettable tourist experiences, from excursions, canopy and climbing to winter walks with Husky dogs.

Curacautín has a small terminal where you can take buses to nearby towns. Also at you can find the available carpool routes, and pay through the app with any card or in cash.

tipsTips de viaje para Curacautín

Conguillío Park

This is one of the most beautiful parks in all of Chile. On foot, by bike or by car, the important thing is to know this beauty of nature and that it is 30 minutes from the center of Curacautín.

Unforgettable postcards and an amazing view of the Llaima Volcano, this is a day in the National Park Conguillío. Here you have to visit the Laguna Arcoíris which is a masterpiece of nature, and take a dip in the beautiful Lake Conguillío. Here there is no signal for the cellphone so the disconnection is total. Let's go!


Are you one of those who like to enjoy nature with all the comforts of the 21st century? Well, Llaimadomo is your best option.

This is one of the most exclusive accommodation options in Curacautín. A night in these particular rooms ranges from $ 45,000 to $ 75,000 pesos per night, but for an experience of this type, perhaps it is worth the effort. Do you dare? 

Malleco Hot Springs

Waters rich in minerals that spring from the bowels of the earth ... a relaxing and medicinal experience, without a doubt an unmissable alternative to Curacautín.

34 kilometers away from Curacautín are the Malleco Hot Springs, a place of swimming pools, geysers and snow. This is a high quality gastronomy lodge that has geysers around the pools, which is a unique attraction in South America. 

Kütralcura Geopark

This is the 1st geopark in Chile and in all of South America. Here you can know the most unique natural beauty of all. Are you ready for the adventure?

In Kütralcura there are plenty of activities and tourism proposals, there are more than 30 places of interest, from geysers that coexist with ancient nature, to native araucarias and huge frozen lakes ... a mythical and fabulous landscape. 


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