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Located in the Atacama Region, Bahía Inglesa is characterized by being one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, 883 km away from Santiago and 3.7 km from the bay of the port of Caldera, a city whose beaches are highly desired and in which you can also find the first museum of the railway station in Chile and the San Vicente de Paul Church, built in 1862.

Bahía Inglesa is made up of tropical beaches and many summer resorts, such as La Piscina, Las Machas, Playa Blanca and El Chuncho. Its temperature ranges between 16 ° C and 21 ° C in summer, which attracts many tourists and it is recommended to book your stay in advance. If water sports are your thing, this is the ideal destination, as the warm waters are the perfect setting for kitesurfing and other sports.

This is a town that preserves a large number of fossils in a natural way, among them a Pelagornis Chilensis, a specimen with an age of more than 2 million years, it also has wonderful landscapes such as the arid dunes that form in the desert, recognized worldwide.

If you chose this wonderful city and want to travel by bus, the destination is Caldera, where you can get there with companies such as Pullman Bus and Expreso Norte. From nearby towns you can also choose to try a different alternative such as carpooling or shared trips, which can be a good option if you want to travel for less money. With the app you can see if there are shared trips available to Bahía Inglesa.

tipsTips de viaje para Bahia Inglesa

The most beautiful beach in Chile

Playa La Virgen de Bahía Inglesa is full of exotic food, drinks, sea and water sports, that and much, much more offers this beach that is known as the most beautiful in Chile! At Playa La Virgen you can camp for $ 45,000 pesos, or rent cabins by the sea for $ 80,000 pesos per night. The night has never been so beautiful before! 

Tumorrou, much more than a restaurant

Are you looking for tranquility and a delicious meal in front of the sea? Well, Tumorrou is the ideal place!

Just 8 kilometers south of Bahía Inglesa is Tumorrou, a relaxed-looking restaurant with an unobstructed view that captures the beauty of the vast sea. Here you can enjoy from live oysters, which are the specialty of the area, to vegan dishes. You can also take a     pleasant massage on the seashore and even go diving.Can you ask for something more?

Beach, sun and surf

Fun, sport and relaxation! Without a doubt the perfect mix for a dream vacation!

Las Machas Beach is located 2 kilometers from Bahía Inglesa, it is a warm beach, with soft sand, without stones and with the perfect waves to learn to surf. Here is a team specialized in surfing for children, for only $ 15,000 pesos the class can have the perfect entertainment for the little ones, while the rest of the family rests on the beach 

Bahía Inglesa by sailboat

Do you want to know Bahía Inglesa in a different way? Well, a sailboat ride is the best option. And do you like to sail?

A sailing tour along the coasts of Atacama, a peaceful walk and spectacular seascapes. This sensational tour has an approximate cost of $ 15,000 pesos per person and lasts 2 hours. You can bring your favorite food, drinks and snacks to make the most romantic meal of all in the middle of the sea. So or more cool?

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