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Located 65 km from the city of Antofagasta, the commune of Mejillones stands out for its long stretches of beaches and biodiversity that converge in the middle of a historically touristic and industrial city. In accordance with the geography of the Antofagasta Region, Mejillones extends to the margin of the maritime coast to the north of the Chilean map, in fact in honor of the abundance of the mussel or choro (mollusk) it was given the name with which nowadays it is known this commune.

At first, Mejillones was designed as a port city at the same time that it was characterized by fishing activity, both economic practices contributed to the social and cultural development of the city. However, during the 19th century Mejillones experienced an important railroad period that generated investment and cultural growth in the city. The latter can be seen in the historic infrastructure of the city that reflects the imposing European and rail influence since the early 19th century.

The access to Mejillones is exclusively terrestrial, we can reach its paradisiacal beaches through route b2-62 to the north and b2-72 to the south. With 66 km of beaches and an arid landscape, Mejillones has a maximum temperature of 30 ° C during summer and a minimum of 12 ° C during winter, thus, it provides a favorable climate for tourist activities, this being an important economic activity of the place and because of that it is known for its warm waters and suitable for the practice of various water sports.

During the last decade, mining has been one of the main economic activities of the city, making Mejillones appear as a notable contributor to the Chilean economy. The railway past and the current mining industry allow us to appreciate an interesting architectural heritage that characterizes the city, among the most important infrastructures, highlights the House of the Customs Lieutenant, the headquarters of the Harbor Master's Office, the Corazón de María Catholic Temple, and the building of the Maritime Subdelegation. takes you to the historic charm of Mejillones with the Pullman Bus and Fichtur Vip companies.

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