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Lautaro is a commune in the central sector of the Province of Cautín, in the Araucanía Region. Lautaro limits the north with Perquenco, Victoria and Curacautín; to the south with Temuco and Vilcún; to the east with Curacautín; and to the west with Galvarino and Temuco.

The city of Lautaro was born from a fort that was installed in 1881 during the expedition to incorporate Araucanía, its name was given in honor of the 16th century Mapuche leader Lautaro, who was known for his feats in the Arauco War. Lautaro has an enormous Mapuche cultural heritage, which is why the We Tripantu or Mapuche New Year is still celebrated today, an activity where more than 30 indigenous communities of the sector participate. This festival begins a new year for the Mapuches, it is celebrated with typical meals and offerings that have the purpose of asking for abundant food and crops for the next season, and the protection of nature.

Lautaro is a commune with territories barely explored by tourists, but it has attractions and tourist resources such as the Isabel Riquelme Park and the Pisciculture. The historical heritage, the presence of hills, lagoons and rivers that it has are excellent conditions for the development of tourist and outdoor activities.

This population is located 30 km north of Temuco, the main access to the commune is by land through the Panamerican highway route number 5 and at we take you to Lautaro with Vía Tur, Jet Sur and Pullman Bus, but from nearby towns there are also direct trips to Carahue by carpool, or shared car, which is another travel alternative when you are looking to travel comfortably, safely and for less money. With you can access the carpool routes available to Lautaro.

In you can find the available routes, and pay through the app with any card or in cash. is the platform where you find all the transport options to get to and get around Lautaro.

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