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Chiloé, located in the Los Lagos Region, is a group of islands located in the south of Chile. Its largest island is La Isla Grande de Chiloé, whose name is due to the chelles (white birds with black heads) typical of the archipelago.

The temperature in Chiloé oscillates between 10 ° C and 17 ° C in summer and presents constant rainfall throughout the year, which leads it to have a water richness in lake bodies with more than 200 of them.

Some people call Chiloé "La Nueva Galicia'' because of the resemblance to the Spanish autonomous community. Most of its islands have ports and channels that communicate them economically and socially. Some of its houses are built on the calm waters of the lakes (stilt houses), which makes these constructions an attractive and striking scene for photography lovers. Several of its buildings and churches have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, such as La Iglesia de Chiloé, a wooden temple built in the 18th century. All the raw material used in its construction was taken from its privileged forests in moisture resistant wood.

The island has an influential development in salmon farming and its local gastronomy is based on seafood, having a technique of preparing seafood made on hot stones, elements that replace traditional pots and giving it a fantastic and exotic flavor.

If you like sports, you can also practice kayaking or go through beautiful trails in the Chiloé and Tantauco National Parks by trekking and admiring its ecosystem made up of ferns, myrtle trees, large oaks and species of fauna such as birds, chilote foxes, pudu, sea lions and whales.

The charisma of the archipelago's inhabitants is famous, so Chiloé is a must-see destination that offers you many opportunities for fun.

From Santiago de Chile, you can access Chiloé through the South Panamerican route passing through Puerto Montt, and then cross the Chacao Channel by car, bus or other means. At you can find all the land transportation alternatives to get to Chiloé Island from any city or town, combining means of transportation if necessary, and choosing the best option for you.

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The churches of Chiloé

With more than 60 old and beautiful churches, Chiloé stands out for having a unique and charming architectural heritage.

The priests who came to Chiloé from Hungary, Bavaria and Transylvania during the 18th century were in charge of impregnating the entire island with a unique and particular style. From Ancud through Castro and up to Quellón, there are 16 churches that were named by UNESCO as World Heritage! Handcrafted, rustic and classic ... here is everything! Shall we go on this wonderful tour

Navigate Chiloé

Being an island in the south of Chile, Chiloé has plenty of water and boats, many boats everywhere… So let's sail!

Here all the cities are located between land and sea, and all have a sea view. A boat ride allows you to enjoy nature, take photos and see amazing marine fauna. Here is our recommendation, the best boat trip in all of Chiloé 

Pier of Souls

A must see in Chiloé! This pier opens towards the sea evoking purity and connection with nature. Here you can take the most beautiful photos of your trip to Chiloé.

Locals say that when a person dies they have to connect with a higher world, and that this connection takes place here, in the Muelle de las Almas… But there is nothing terrifying about this pier, on the contrary, its beauty is such that it looks like something out of a classic romantic movie. You are going to love this site! 

The gastronomy of Chiloé

Like any island, Chiloé is full of gastronomic options for all tastes and budgets.

Fish in all presentations, vegan and vegetarian dishes ... in Chiloé you have everything to  please the palate. We have 2 favorites, La Cevichería (Castro) and Las Terrazas de Cucao, because in both they eat abundant, delicious and at a good price. Here are more tips for you. 

Recorridos hacia Chiloé

Servicio Vallenar a La Serena Coquimbo a La serena
Bus $ 5.000 $ 5.000
Tren $ 5.800 $ 5.800
Kupospool $ 3.800 $ 3.800

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